I have a website that targets people in English speaking countries, French speaking countries and the Afrikaans community. How do i cater for the needs of both localization, usability and seo

How should I structure the site & the multiple versions of the site in different languages. What is the best strategy which will ensure that I still retain the benefits of seo and usability.

I have the current options
1. Directory structure
**a directory for each language version of the site
2. Subdomain structure
**a domain for each language version of the site
3. Filename option
**a different file name for each version of the website in different languages
4. Accept-Language header
** use the Accept-Language header and generate content server-side to suit that header

Is there another way to do this? If the different language versions don't have different urls, what do I do about the search engines?

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I want to ask you one thing that still domain name is importantof related keyword in SEO.

@rakesvyas44, nope I don't think its' important in terms of SEO !

You can use the hreflang tag to show search engines what the relationship is between web pages in alternate languages. It's useful when you've created content that's specific to a local audience. It adds a signal to search engines that a user querying in certain language will want this result instead of a page with similar content.

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