Hello Friends.

I have a real estate website. The keyword for this website is 3 BHK Flats in Kukatpally. For this search query the website ranked 20th on google.co.in SERP's. When I checked today, there has been a tremendous drop in the rankings and the website is not seen below 200. I could not find out what might be the reason?. I suspect that penguim new update 4.x has been hit due to thin content. I can't say confirmly, since there is considerable amount of content?
Moreover, this website sell flats and apartments, request friends to send me suggestions of promoting it. I did Web directories, Socail Bookmarkings, some classifieds. Please share me your thoughts on how to regain my postion.

Penguin is related to spammy backlinks, Panda is thin content. In Google Webmaster Tools, do you have any messages saying that there were manual spam actions taken?

Well, I think that could be happening because of the Pengium update better option would be heading over to the Google Analytics tool and check if there's any sudden traffic drop ? If you see the sudden traffic drop then you are correct you may have hit yourself from pengiun penalty. Also you might want to check the Google webmaster tool, look over the Manual Action page and see if you have received any messages over their !