Is there any use of signature links in increasing page rankings of a website?

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ya, signature link is needed to create the backlink of website and it also create the visitors.

yes signature links will help in increasing pagerank try to post as many as post in high page rank forum.

Well Signatures are created in forums to create backlinks only..

Yes Signature link will help you to increase your site backlink, Page Rank and Doamin Authority.

Yup. signatures are very important .

Not sure, but it increase your backlinks

They certainly don't work as much today as they used to in the past. Nowadays it's built into the search algorithms that they understand what a forum is and what forum signatures are, and treat them accordingly.

Signature link not only for page ranking but some where it helps to get some traffic with back links for a website.

Signature link do help in increasing the traffic towards our websites its because any how the link is been promoted automaticaly.

Yes.Signature link should help to improve the website page rank,keyword rank and also website traffics counts.

signature help to generate traffic and to boost page rank. but you have to use it cleverly otherwise you can banned

I think that should not help more as that a same kind of links.Yet If you participate in lot of forum then that might be help you.

yes signature link help site rankink and increasing site traffic.

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