Google keyword tool is the best tool for keyword research. I have been using this tool since long and i trust on this tool. if you something is better than this tool, share with us.

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Big fan of market samurai take all its information from the google keyword tool but I prefer it for keyword generation and it has a lot of other useful features. It's not free(trial is though) but it is very good indeed and a cheaper alternative then the seomoz pro and ravens of the world.

Google adword keywrod tool is the best tool for choosing the keywrods .

I am also use Google Adword keyword tool. It gives good result then other.

Google adword tool is the best tool i have ever used..

Hi friends,

Google adword tool is best tool for the keyword research, i always use that tool only for the keyword research.

Thanks in advance
Smith Jones

I heard that seomoz tool and raven tool are good but both are paid.

I always use Googls Adword Tool. Really this is reliable keywords research tool.

ya i am agree with you Google adverd's is really a great tool for keywords research.

Google adword tool is the best for keyword search and you can also take help from search engine as well

I agree with what most of users have said. Google adwords can provide you a comprehensive and a more analyze results for every keyword research you will do.

1) wordtracker
2) keywordtool
3) wordstream

Well, guys this is more than a year old thread I would say there's no need to comment more over here !

These are the free tools I'm using everyday.

  1. Google keword planner (to discover potential keywords. It has a limitation that you cannot find search engine competition for that keyword

  2. Traffic Travis (desktop version) to find the competition for the keywords.

Both combined will do the trick

use a combination of google keyword tool + google analytics (for actual website date on your website) + bing webmaster tools + also the keywords that appear when u type a particular keyword at the bottom of google and in bind by the right hand panel.

commented: @Sally it's more than a year old thread ! I wouldn't comment if I was you... +0
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