Few days back I started on article submission and it reall work good. I am getting much traffic from the article viewers. I tried blog comment but it did not work and my on page seo dose not work, In this case What should i do now?

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Article submission is good source of traffic and help to increase your website visitors.

Now Google ban blog commenting activity and consider back link as spam links. For on page SEO, analyze your website and remove all on page errors.

Firstly, you should check your own websites, and its content, keyword density, SEO scores. And then post the web page you wanna promote on relevant comments, forum posts.


Actually I'm little bit confused about your question. Tile goes to Article Submission and end of they day, You have disappointed by on page issue..

Dear, you said "In the past, you was successful on article submission and you tried blog comment but it did not work". Actually you should first check your On Page issue then Off Page.

Don't be worry about Article Submission, Because content marketing with targeted keywords is the best key of SEO. So after solving One Page Issue come again to the Article Marketing and Comment Posting on related topics.

Unique and quality article posting on high pr sites is the best way to get high rank in google.

Article Submission is one of the popular techniques for gaining traffic. When it comes to on page SEO, it will be important to consider all the website related things include Meta Tag Optimization, Content Optimization, Robots File, XML & Website Sitemap, Header Tags and Alt Tags.

Along with verifying the Onpage factors, it's also important look at Google Web master tools for any index or crawl errors before we start with SEO off page.

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