I want to know from you all, what are the tips to create qualitative content for website and blog.

This is a broad question and there lies part of the problem. What kind of content are you wanting to post about? Are you looking to make money online? If your looking to make money online, what are you planning to sell?

Learn how to write well, in English.


"Learn how to write well, in English" makes the assumption that Tabassum's target market is English. There are plenty of successful, non-English sites out there. I agree with learning to write well though, no matter what language.

... but but but the question was in English. Stupid me thought it implied crafting content in that language, the one the search engines devote the most energy in understanding the natural patterns of language use and in developing its most ingenious ranking mechanisms, artificial intelligence technologies, mapping technologies ...

It's not always the case that someone will craft his or her site in English based on a question asked. You may be right though, I was just proposing a different scenario because the OP was so broad in his/her question.

whatever the primary language, a site must be readable, sensible, and fluent, in English
The OS is in english
The scripting is in English
SE read English better than other languages
English is the language of international trade, aviation, manufacturing, transport, marine
There is always an English mirror of a Chinese site, seldom a Chinese mirror if an English site.
Most multi-language speakers, speak something and English
Even if another language decides to develop its own technology, in another language, that would have to interface with the existing tech, in use currently, which means English
The English version need not be human readable, but it makes indexing quicker

Damn that sounds condescending, it isnt meant to be

For createting qualitative content you should be related with your writting topic as so simple description to readers.

Qualitative content is all the basic support for webpage or a blog. Some essential point on creating a qualitative content is,
Create your own original content
Get to know to give strong guidelines
Make your content more actionable
Provide answers
Communicate more by adding images or video
Its all about that content should be short and point and updated


just spend time to research on the topic as widely as possible then create quality content

If you see update by Google during last 304 years, most of those are content oriented. Latest one is Rankbrain released in 2015 after phantom-II. The focus for quality content should be upon the users intentions not upon using few top ranking keywords. Users want the accurate and latest information the is easy to understand and use. User friendliness is the only parameter to scale the company quality. A peep into 'Six Tips For Freelance Copywriters To Improve SEO Copywriting' at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/six-tips-freelance-copywriters-improve-seo-shubhranshu-agarwal may help you.

Try to create useful content for users without any grammatical errors and without any duplication. There are many tools are available online to check quality of contents.

A substance review is typically characterized as the subjective perspective of your substance. While information, for example, investigation, can be exceptionally helpful in assessing quality, there are additionally the all the more customarily publication measures, for example, evaluating against brand rules, style aides, and voice and tone. In this article we'll take a gander at what some of those subjective measures are and how to assess content against them.

Agreed with @divinotech
Market reasearch, latest trend on that topic, targeted audience and area and resourceful content which provide quality information rather than filled with business keywords and cities.

yes ,you are right divinotech ,
as he mentioned all the importent points ,
just follow them !!

You Using the Appropriate Length of Content
You Supplementing with Images, Video Embeds, Infographics or Other Media
You Using Proper Grammar and Spelling, and is Your Content Coherent
You Using Proper Page and Text Formatting

commented: "You Using Proper Grammar and Spelling, and is Your Content Coherent" oh the irony... -3

Just be straight and don't write boring content

you want good qualitative content for your website and blog means you should good in grammer and use some unique and simple words..dont copy paste from others site..your words should be different.you can checkout for some free online content generator tools which will help you generate unique content for your website and blogs.

You have to focus on thought process. In order to increase thought process, Pick a topic and write about it after sometime you will be able to write quality content.

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