Suggest me best blogging platform for blog posting .Which is easy to customize and free of cost.

define "best"...

I doo not know what are you calling the best, but I use WordPress, Weebly and blogger for web 2.0 and they are working well.

Here is the list of useful WEB 2.0 platforms you can use. You can see it and pick up the most suitable for you.
2itb, anglefire, areavoices, bcz, blinkweb, blog, blogetery, blogger, bloghi, blogpico, devhub, doodlekit, edublogs, evood, fc2, fixya, gather, iblog, inube, Mytripjournal, ohlog, Officelive, Posterous, Onsugar, Rediff, Shutterfly, salon,snappages and so on..

Thats enough for the firts time, I think. All these platforms are USA

wordpress and Blogger are the most commonly used and user- friendly CMS platforms.

For easy to customize, blogger is the best. However for easy to implement SEO factor and to create proper URLs, its better to use wordpress. Both have their own feature. For a beginner, i will suggest blogger.

My option is


Wordpress is the best blogging platform ever.

Actually, the most popular blogging platforms are WordPress, Webs and Blogger, etc.

Free of cost is Blogger
But best is Wordpress

I use wordpress and blogspot. These sites are best for blogging. And you can also use web 2.0 sites for your blog post. But wordpress is best because you can modify and customize your blog platform.

I would vouch for blogger

It gets traffic naturally, perhaps coz it's owned by Google :-)

No matter which blogging platform you use, make sure you own the content of what you are blogging. If you post on Tumblr, Tumblr will own the rights to your content.

I use WordPress with MLSP (My Lead System Pro) and it is very effective for drawing leads from social media to the site and then keeping them engaged. I own my site and make affiliate money for promoting certain MLSP products and campaigns. It's affordable and comes with all the necessary tools for successful blogging.

You can see more at

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I think wordpress is the best bloging platform. It is free and easy customize. You can also handle it quite easily.

Blogger and Wordpress could be the Best platforms

Simple -

Biggerners should go for BLogger only as it would be easy for them

While experts can go for self hosted Wordpress.

Go with
These are the best blogging platform and you can try this.

Steffy, BizbillaB2B

commented: Good List +7 is best blogging platform. It comes with so many different features.

Persaonaly I preffer wordpress and Blogger are the best for its easy coustomization.

Top 10 blogging platform are


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You can try one of this list: You will find really great list of platforms with descriptions of their features here, so, I hope, it will help you.

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