Hi fellow affiliate marketers!

I have been working in affiliate review marketing for some time now at Clickbank as well as Amazon. I normally create magazine based websites where I add a variety of categories with general articles and product reviews. But I have not tried any exact match domain yet. This time I thought of trying an exact match domain based product name.

I did make a few searches to make the basic layout and navigation observing few websites already working using exact match domains.

My website is www.venusfactorreviewnow.com.

I would like all of the fellow marketers to have a critical look at my website and share the valuable feedback for further improvement and remove any flaws so that I can have a successful layout for EMDs to continue working.

I thank you all in anticipation for your spending your valuable time and feedback.

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Please find below my quick review of your site:

  1. Google Analytics -- FOUND - OK
  2. Google webmaster -- plz research rankings once you have done some SEO
  3. Keyword Planner -- Did you research and target keywords?
  4. I can't see social sharing buttons -- MISSING
  5. Homepage Copyscape -- OK
  6. Pages indexed - 15 only

Loaded your site once only, it was kinda slow (I usually get 20 Mbps speed). Maybe after ISP and system caching it'll gear up.

I can do few hr research using Google tools if you want..



Personally, and this is analytics aside, I found your first page hard to read. There was too much content in my opinion because it was very wordy. I found myself quickly scrolling down the page looking for a call-to-action but didn't find one until I reached the very bottom with the order form.

The first page goes all in with everything about the Venus Factor. Also, is this product you are promoting gender specific? The phrase: "claims to make any woman lose weight and shape the body belonging to any age group within only 12 weeks." makes it feel that way. Are you sure you only want to target women?

What I would suggest is that you shorten your homepage drastically, making it a page to capture the interest by summarizing what he or she is there for. Have an "order now" or "sign up" call-to-action at the top of the homepage as well as the bottom.

The same can be said (about call-to-action buttons) for all your pages. Don't go crazy by plastering them everywhere on each page, just a couple will do.

On another note, I noticed the About Us page is far less wordy than the homepage but yet it's even harder to read because your paragraphs are too big. Did you know that many people won't make it past the "about" page if it doesn't make sense or doesn't have a call-to-action? Look at the following line:
"Being independent, we are happily using the domain this very website that is a good place which is for public to seek ways to know what is supposed be done and what should not be opted for getting to your aim"

I don't know what you're trying to say here and if I don't, many won't either. Proof and edit accordingly before you update your pages.

Also, you need share buttons to social media, these are really important if you want to gain customers or any sort of audience. You are basically killing your business if you exclude social media from your site.

One last note, start a blog page on the site. Blogs are really where the money is when marketing.

I'm not saying my site is perfect, I am tweaking it daily, but I've been learning from some top marketers online and I do my best to emulate. Check my site for tips if you thinks it's worthy,


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maybe the hyperlink at the end's a bit overly-promotional but found your comments informative
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