You can promote your website by increasing traffic on social networks.This will definitely help you to promote your website.

Yes, you're right. Integrating website with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more, will promote business and increase sales in an effective manner.

Yeah, social media sites play an important role in all types of business. If you advertise your website on Facebook and Twitter, you can easily reach millions of people.

Be careful with Facebook advertising, I tried it and over half of the likes were from click farms (users that arent real users, their profiles consist of thousands of likes and no engagement). With social advertising you need users that are ready to engage with you, your content and others. One thing you can consider, is advertising your web site on sites that are related in some way. For example, if your web site sells the next super protein shakes then you should consider advertising on web sites that relate to health and fitness.

Mat is correct; you need to find relevancy whether it be PPC related or social media campaigns.

Sure getting on social networks might increase awareness of your product/service but not getting on the right social network and targeting the right customers will result in fewer conversions and makes your efforts a waste of time.

Long time ago I compared FB ads against Google ads and I can assure you that people who visited my site from Google were far more than those who came from facebook.
The reason is simple, Google shows your ad to people who are searching for something similar to what you offer. As for FB, it guesses what people might be interested in. There is a big difference.

So in my opinion (though I am far from being a specialist) social media is good if you are able to let people share your posts, this will make a snow ball effect in case the content is interesting.
My guess is that if you are able to make a funny content and insert the link for your website somewhere in this content, this will be an easy and efficient way to market your website of course provided that this funny content gets popular

dont forget the traditional marketing techniques like word of, networking mouth and business cards

you can promote your website through different social website and you can also do paid marketing and off page markeitng ( THANK YOU )

For long time you will go for social networking site in order to promote your products or business and get notice by customers.

Pomoting a website ?? I would say there are a number of options available for you, try targeting over social media networks like facebook,twitter, linkedin etc. create a page over them run some campagins and give away some freebies, you can also take help from PPC campaigns available over the social media platfrom !

There are many options , active sns (FB,twitter,Pinterest, Instagram) , engage the target audience .

Promotion as a method to competitors in the search results. Website promotion has several advantages:
Low competition.
Create video and image standard text links.
People readily share links to good videos and images.

Saranyasb: website promotion is very easy, if you want visitors only to visit once. if you want them to return to your page, you'll really have to put more effort in it.

promoting a product start with making sure you have a very good product (just decent won't cut it)

The reason is simple, Google shows your ad to people who are searching for something similar to what you offer. As for FB, it guesses what people might be interested in. There is a big difference.

I completely agree with Andy... This big difference shows up in the conversions also.. 100 visitors from Google can give you high conversions while same number of visitors from social sites might not show even a single conversion...

there are many websites like facebook, twitter google etc ar many website help us to permote websites

You can promote your website by doing social media or you can hire a SEO expert, I think it will help you.

I'm actually trying to learn how to increase traffic myself. I've had some pretty good results by optimizing my site via SEO.

Yes, you are correct and also it is necessary to have good amount of valuable backlinks. So, that your website will be ranked on the first page easily.

Backlinks, yes that's the other thing I need to implement more on my site. Thanks!

Promote it on Social Media Websites.
Guest post on relevant blogs
Comment on industry specific blogs and share your points/ add value to the post.
List your website on business directory which will help users to find your website.
Offer Ebooks, newsletter and share it.
Do SEO of your website
Run paid campaigns.

You can promote it through SEO or PPC.

There are a lot of ways to promote your site, the ones I like is Video Marketing and Guest Blogging.