What is your opinion about buying backlinks?

That was something we did back in 1926 I think. Worked well for a while.

I'm not a fan of buying things that I can do for myself. It's like all those people that buy Instagram followers, why?

If you've got a huge budget that you can dump on backlinks, let me know and I'll do it all for you. Otherwise, put in the work, you'll feel more rewarded for your efforts.

The OP asked for opinions and mine's as follows. Any effort in seeking backlinks is a waste of time. It's purpose is to artificially inflate links pointing to things normally unrankable thus not worthy of my visit. In some ways the search engine discourages link building schemes, but not many.

It is better not to buy links because most of those links they sell are no longer exist. Likewise, not related to your niche.

Well many people are still buying links and for some people it still works. However, if any of such site hits with a penalty, it will affect your website as well.

The only thing that matters is what google says about buying links

google delist you

the result is "removed from search responses"
It is a result; probably not the result you want
If you think that links back from a useless site that google knows only exists to fake links, are worth never being in google yahoo ask, or any other SE, after about 2 weeks, go for it

R.T.F.M. << read the friendly manual <<

Google have 80%+ of all search traffic: Google make the rules: Everone else follows along: Get a google webmaster account and follow the instructions
As written previously, buying links was something that

worked well for a while

worked: past tense; Fred assumed (Hi Fred) everyone would understand, that it doesnt work now

Getting paid backlinks is not much effective nowadays. However, you can go for paid links, but it should be niche links, else it will never worth you anymore.

Hello Dear ,
We can buy backlinks? if yes tell me how ?

It's my understanding that buying and selling links is acceptable to Google, providing they don't pass PageRank. However if the intention is to influence search results then you'll be violating Google's guidelines. If (when) you get caught, don't be surprised to find your site missing from search results.

To prevent links from passing PageRank they need to be marked as 'nofollow', e.g. <a href="http://www.example.com" rel="nofollow">Click here</a>. Alternatively this can be done at page-level with the 'robots' meta tag.

Google uses 'nofollow' to help identify paid links, as do Bing and Yahoo. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for buying and selling links, such as advertising, or in exchange for goods or services. (BTW, if Microsoft would like to gift me an XBox I'd be delighted to blog about how wonderful it is).

While back links marked with nofollow have little or no SEO value, let's not forget they still have the potential to increase traffic. And if placed on highly relevant sites, you might expect to see an improvement in bounce rate - another metric that provides a strong signal - but target the wrong audience and your bounce rate will suffer horribly. So it's important to exercise a level of discretion over where links appear.

Don't buy links in bulk. If a seller offers 1000s of 'do follow' links on high PR sites, run a mile.

In latest SEO trends Buy back links is not much effective in your SEO strategy.

Really thanks for your replies. ..you help me a lot

No problem. Would you like to share your opinion with us?

I think Good for buy backlink but that is blackhat technic.

I think that the back links are important, but they spend a big budget is not necessary.

buying links is generally not a good idea because the number of outbound links from a website dilutes the link value. so if u buy links and the site has 10 links and then after 1 year they have sold more link to say 1000 inks the amout of link juice is less so its a short term strategy for search engine ranking

Buying links is not advisable as it follows unethical SEO practices.

buying links is a short term solution to a long term problem. Google also looks at the outbound links from which you have links on. so i suppose those who sell links have a page they put all links. there are diminishing returns in terms of the link power u get as they add more links to a certain page. so not a good idea.

I would not suggest it. But if have a SEO Expert who is very well reputed for White Hat SEO, you can give a try!