Greetings Professionals and Comrades.

Please indulge me with the following:

Ive been experimenting with the following and i am trying to reach a decision:

I have 2 domains:
example: noranking[dot]com (mostly related to motoring),
example: decentranking[dot]com (related to Tech)

noranking[dot]com has no search ranking but the domain is dear to me, I have it forever and i dont want to lose it!
Over a period of 8 years or so, the domain had very poor content and it was just outright terrible.
There are no penalties. Webmaster tools has no crawl errors or any errors of any kind. The website was just old, crappy and infested with tables and php errors for a very long time.
I have been working on the domain for a few weeks. I can see some improvement even though its very very little of nothing. Google and bing have started scrolling the site more frequently. But the results are nowhere in the search results. This domain also has zero organic traffic.

I have another domain (decentranking[dot]com) which is better in terms of ranking but quite frankly, the name is silly!
I have good ranking for some phrases and it gets decent traffic from organic traffic.

On Monday i did an experiment, I uploaded all the content from noranking[dot]com to decentranking[dot]com for +/- 24 hours and the next day, like magic, the content was indexed and visible in google search. the pages that were scrolled landed on page 3 "not very good, I know" but atleast it was there!
With the other domain, i waited for a month and there was absolutely nothing!

Now im thinking of permanently moving all the content from noranking[dot]com to decentranking[dot]com and making that my primary and only functioning domain.

I will be doing this WITHOUT a 301 re-direct as there's no benefit in having users redirected. There are no users at all and I dont want decentranking[dot]com to be effected by the diseases of noranking[dot]com

Im thinking of deleting all the content on noranking[dot]com

Kindly give me your thoughts on the above, am i missing something?

Please bare in mind, both of these domains have been scolled by google, bing, yandex, yahoo etc and i am a little worried about the duplicate content story.

also, i have acquired 2 quality backlinks to noranking[dot]com, i can ask them to change the URL to the new domain but is this advisable?

Actualy your question is how to transfer domain content to other domain safely

As i realize you are confused about the google panelties for duplicate content . If i am right then don't worry about the penelties . You just have to follow to proper process to remove or transfer files .
YOu have two options

  1. Remove the content from first site and transfer it on other
  2. Leave the content in first domain and copy to second domain

You have to go with first and remove the content permanently from website as well as search engines . So you have to redirect all of you content to 410 header . 410 header tells the search engine that this content is removed permanently and never come back again . With this redirect you website content generate 404 header . It means requested content not found (may be availavle in future) .

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