Anybody knows a easy way to increase link popularity. I want to increase my traffic help me on this any info appreciated

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Sorry, there is no easy way. Shortcuts don't get you very far, I'm afraid. All I can suggest is link swaps, adding your link to directories, submitting tutorials to various websites, blogging, getting your content syndicated (RSS feeds, etc) and adding your link in forum signatures.

yea there are no real quick fixes.

The only way is to invest some money in cpc camaigns. For a instant boost in traffic. And gain back links to your website whilst you have a cpc campain running and do some seo to your site.

Try buying links from high-PR sites. Submit to 20 directories a day. Submit to DIGG, and Slashdot.

Anybody knows a easy way to increase link popularity. I want to increase my traffic help me on this any info appreciated

I have been in this ratrace for three years... Its true, there is no quicky way...

Hang in there...

there is a quick fix but this is used by advanced SEO's make sites that link to your and have them crawled!

Anybody knows a easy way to increase link popularity. I want to increase my traffic help me on this any info appreciated

Yes, there is no way which can give you an overwhelming results immediately. Link popularuty way is long and hard, but it getting strong day by day if you devote enough time to it.

You can use use all listed by cscgal methods to imporve your site link popularity as well. From myself I want to advice you to pay attention to a free report at for additional way of getting high quality links for your web resources.

You need to do all of SEO in complex, i.e. get backlins and improve your site content. If you will keep in mind this two things - you will succeed!

The links created through PPC, will google consider this as a back link.

What is the concept of linkvault.

Link vault is like a broker between the link exchanging sites.

One who want to swap link with other site will sumbit his site in link vault and other link experts see this and contact him for link exchange. :rolleyes:

there is 1 way : Build a good content!


Try to buy links from relevant websites. may be you can use Try to find website with good PR and an old website, especially not banned in google and other SEs :)

An effective linking strategy will extend your market reach.List and rank your top six target sectors. Identify ezines, newsletters, blogs and directories that serve each sector. Craft a basic linking message for each sector and use these messages to create customized link requests.
Google PageRank is only approximate, so never base a linking decision on a site's PageRank score. Instead, look closely at the quality of content and audience that a site has. Low PageRank sites can be reasonably easy to get a link from and it can pay dividends. For example, I created a link for a client on a small site which had, by chance, sparked a journalist's interest. She wrote a story that in turn was picked up by the BBC, resulting in a feature on their high-traffic news site.

well you can always submit it to directory, write articles, and buy links....

Anybody knows a easy way to increase link popularity. I want to increase my traffic help me on this any info appreciated

buying links might be...

I will suggest you not to buy links but try to get them naturally, i mean get then through blogging, forum posting, article submission with url of your site as signature.. this will give you backlink and thus will improve your ranking.
Do all SEO optimise your site ONPAGE and OFFPAGE.
Try to get higher rank for all searchengines, once you are at top you will definetly get higher traffic.
But remember great traffic does not mean sales, so try to get targeted traffic which has good conversion ratio.
Thats all .....

Have you tried submitting your sit to all the major search engines, submitting articles to various places about your site, submitting your link to directories, and exchanging links with other people?

Try to get backlink from other website e.g. submit your site to search engines and web directories.

As most people have mentioned there is no quick fix, link building is one of the most time consuming and important parts of any SEO campaign. The best way to build links is article writing which gives you lots of links but also relevant links which are more valuable.

Stay away from linkfarms!

Have you tried submitting your sit to all the major search engines,

there is no need to submit our sites in search engines, just do proper on page and off page optimization work after that SE will eager to index your web pages.

Unique content + on page + off page optimization

(*Don't use cloaking, hidden text, black hat seo process and also Don't Buy links just choose organic SEO Process, it will take time but you will get better happier moments with Real SEO Techniques )

try to get one content writer or do your self if you can get some thing interesting content for your site and use link Baiting techniques.

Link baiting technique is the powerful for now with unique content.


Submit your site to search engines and web directories as much as you can:icon_biggrin:

So many tips are there and so much hard work has to do...
Then only we will achieve it..
Some tips are:
1.Make your site to look gud and better..
2.Try to sit end user in your site for some time by adding some interesting messages with good desiging..
3.include some flash file to look more good..
4.Follow reciprocal model,means place others link in your site ,then they will place our link in their site. your site url in blogs and forums and any other like orkut etc..
6.use your keywords as in simple and user friendly english..
7.Place some interesting topics and provide them by newsletters and so on..
8.Register your site address with google maps..
9.Place your images in search engines..
10.Contact search engines to adds your site.
Follow these and do hard work better..


Surf like crazy for relevant sites that have link pages

Four effective ways to increase link popularity

1. Get your site listed in the search engine directories - first submit your site to the human edited directories of ODP (Open Directory Project - and Yahoo ( Getting listed in these directories will give your site a boost in link popularity and improve search engine ranking in other search engines.

However, this may take some time.

You can get listed much faster by getting links from niche specific directories. Find these directories by doing a search on the major search engines with the primary keywords of your web site.

2. Provide high quality content - people will naturally link to your site if you have what they want (i.e. articles, software, etc). This will save you a lot of time searching for quality links yourself.

Optimizing your content with well placed keywords, will improve your search engine ranking dramatically. Search engines love focused content.

Don't you love it when you immediately find what you are searching for?

One way of achieving this is by writing and publishing articles. You can include a link at the end of your article. When your article gets published, you will automatically have gained a link to your site.

3. Requesting links from other sites - request links from sites that ideally have a high search engine ranking. Start by including a link from your site to theirs. Include a paragraph describing what your link is about. This helps achieve a greater number of clickthroughs to your site.

Request that they do the same when linking to your web site. If you provide this for them (with some of your primary keywords included of course), and provide quality information, you will have a greater chance of gaining a high quality link.

4. Write a testimonial - write a favorable review of someone's product or web site. Include the benefits you received through visiting their site. If that person wishes to use your testimony on their site, make sure they include a link back to your web site.

These are some of the best strategies you should implement to increase link popularity of your web site. It will improve search engine ranking and also boost your web site traffic.

you can do link building

you can do link building

Not Only Link Building But Quality Link Building With Your Same Niche And Never Do Link Building With Any Irrelevant Sites....

Before doing all those linkbuilding be sure to have quality content on your site..

Before doing all those linkbuilding be sure to have quality content on your site..

Yes My Dear Friend That Also True Never Forget Quality And Unique Content And Meta Also.... Both Are Equally Important For Any Web Sites....

For increasing Link popularity, do one way link exchange. It is much effective method to increase you link popularity. As well as it will help you to increase in traffic and PR. Don't waste your money on buying links, paid backlinks are considered as Black Hat method by google.

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