I have one business based on Mobile & Web app development and we are global based compan. I need some lead to increase my business? so guys. please help me in that which campaign I used to get lots of traffic and potential leads.

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can you elaborate a little more so we can tell you the best Strategy.

Run Search Network & Display network ads its helps to you get more intrested leads.

There are so many adwords campaigns which can be used while working on a website.
But I would suggest you to use GOOGLE ADWORDS for your ad campaign.
According to the studies, approximately 25% people of the total searchers come from the ads, the rest come from the organic searches.
GOOGLE ADWORDS gives you the clarification of so many things which you will not get from any other company adword campaign.
I also did the adword campaign for my website landing page i.e. EPIC VILA. Although it was very costly but as I already said 25% results are there for the adwords, so I easily recovered my money from the adwords.

i preffer to you Search Network, Display Network is best for generate lead for your business.

Grouping and organizing keywords is an important thing to fetch you the desired ROI.

My suggestion to you is try search network and also do remarketing. these are the best strategies to get leads and follow some tips
1.use extensions in your ad.
2.do not use negative keywords
3.write relevant description.
4.landing page is more important to get lead etc...

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