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I need help from experts, I have a query that "Does google allows SEO for websites related to crypto currency ?" If yes, what is best way to do SEO for crypto currency website ?

The competition in crypto business is so high that crypto companies fail to attain its goals. Many cases, this failure is due to the inability to lift the website rank high up in the SERP. SEO for cryptocurrencies is a must, especially with the fierce competitions. Doing SEO for cryptocurrencies has become difficult with many search engines and social media giants banning the promotion of cryptos online
we list important techniques of SEO for the cryptocurrency-

  1. Track Cryptocurrency Business Trends
  2. Understand what people are Searching in Cryptocurrecy Category
  3. Analyse your Competition
  4. Generate Quality Content
  5. Use Social Media to boost Visibilty
  6. Use Guest blogging on High Authority Websites
  7. Email Marketing

Cryptocurrency SEO is important for your overall business marketing and promotion. Optimizing your website with these SEO tactics can drastically improve search presence. Almost 70% of the traffic goes to the first three results in SERP.