You don't need to worry, Most of the sites have zero rank in preliminary stage and you need to focus on page optimization. Select right keywords for your site and focus on those keywords will help you to get more organic traffic.

Hello everybody

can anybody tell me how to start search engine optimization for a site with zero rank step by step.
Thanks and regards

sir i am interesting in plz help & gauid me seo.
reply must be a my mail id plz so help me thanks 4 u.

Hi guys,i want to start as a SEO please send details.

Very nice tips thank you for sharing this useful information.

Try posting on free ads forums and free directories e.g
and visit, go to search and type in free advertising forums where you can get good free advice.
All The best

Hello everybody

can anybody tell me how to start search engine optimization for a site with zero rank step by step.
Thanks and regards

do onpage seo and offpage seo for your website

Also remember,of all tips, the most important is quality content. this attracts the search engines as well as the readers

Write content,build backlinks.Thats all.

For one, they probably won't want to link to you just when you're getting started. And secondly, it'll just kill your enthusiasm with all the rejections. Start with small acorns to grow that big oak of yours. If you do want to find websites with a nice PR ranking, then read on.

First check the on page seo of your website after than check the content of your website. After that doing off page seo.
Bookmarking, directory submission and classified submission.


If you want to optimize a new website then you need to follow the following step which will be helpful to you.

  1. On Page Optimization
  2. Off Page Optimization

For both you need an expert who is well experienced about the factors which are necessary for ranking. So i will suggest you to hire a company which is working for same. I know one of the best India based SEO company that is SynapseIndia.

For more info you can visit the company and know in detail.

Hope you understood.

First be well aware of what your website is about and make a wise choice of the keywords. Then work on the on page optimization. This includes link building, the content, images, title, meta tags, heading tags, etc. Once your website is ready and has been hosted online, it's time to introduce your site to Google and get it indexed. This is done by directory submission and social bookmarking. Once your website is indexed on Google, follow other off page strategies to bring your website up on google rankings. Some strategies include forum Posting, blog commenting, Blog posting, SMO, SEM, article submission, press release submission.

If you are starting SEO on new project then first check the website on page SEO. Means check the content, meta tags and ALT tags. After that doing work on bookmarking, directory, classifieds, forum posting and blog commenting.

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