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Actually, my site has already been spidered multiple times recently by Google. Pages which existed in google linking to techtalkforums.com now reflect the daniweb content. In addition, daniweb content is well-indexed. The problem is that old daniweb content that no longer exists has not been removed. Old techtalk pages have not been removed either. Half of the indexed pages in google point to 404 pages, while the other half are updated.


It's almost 2 months later and nothing's changed. :( Unfortunately, the old daniweb content (which was a dog site from when I was 15 years old!) is still listed in many hand-edited directories. In fact, an alexa backlink search finds almost 100 links from other dog sites!! Certainly that will hurt my PR! (as the content is irrelevant)


wow this post is 7 years old?? lol ummm did your new Daniweb site get re-indexed naturally now? lol

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