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Informative, both on page and off page are important in making a website popular over search ranking .Thanks for share.

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In fact I think keep records is the most tedious task, but of course necessary.

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Infomative post. Kindly update your article with new updates of Google penguin and panda updates. That will be more informative to all viewers.

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Great step-by-step guide. It's incredibly useful for those who are just starting out.

SEO is an ongoing process which pays off in the long run. You're not going to see results too fast, and if you do, you may be trouble. Don't build too fast because you will get penalized (it's happended to me).

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Great Efforts, Thanks for Sharing :)

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How many anchor text key words do I need to use.
I was only using two phrases. I was told to use more.

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