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Hi All:

I have the following situation, and I need some advice.

I am helping out a friend with SEO for his web site. After starting the project, he called me and said his web person was beginning to freak out, that my friend's web site could be banned. I spoke to the web tech, and he stated:

1. If we submit the same web site to Google Analytics more than once, the web site could be banned. Is this true?

2. He does not believe in posting to the Yellow Pages sites, says they have issues. Is this true?

3. He had not submitted the sitemap to Bing and Google, as this is a Wordpress site, which has issues with sitemaps. Is this true?

4. He had not submitted to the Google, Bing, or Yahoo local directories, said he preferred to get organic results by checking in to places through Facebook on my friend's IPhone. Is this true?

I just need to see if this guy knows what he is talking about. I don't have enough experience to know if this guy is a BS artist or telling me the truth.



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