dear all,
I have this project in my mind to kick off a website for a minority that I am part of. The aim is to create a community website where member could meet up, get to know each other and create new bonds within minority group.
Unfortunately, usually widespread we can't find each other. Internet could be the answer.
I am thinking about a non-profit website where you can create you profile, search member profiles, add friends, send messages etc. Some sort of graphic locator would also be very helpfull. I'd like to add classifieds and forum modules in future.
I am not a programmer and can't afford to have the website written for me ($ 25000+), especially as it is supposed to be a non-prof.
Does anyone know a best way to start? I went through all the posts in this section but did not find anything relevant as the website is not going to be based on forums but user profiles.
If you know any good examples that could be an inspiration, ready scripts, starting kits or anything, your help would be much appreciated by our communities.


The forum system that powers this site, vBulletin, is releasing a new version very soon (the beta version is already out) that incorporates social networking features, allowing for extravagant member profiles that can subgroup people together, etc.