ok heres my issue..lol i have a proboards forum.. google has been crawling my site for days.. i know it takes time... but i would like to get the web tools for google set up.. i have put the meta tag and the html file that it says in my forum in the global header and the footer... as well as the main header and footer... still wont verify.. i dont understand.. what am i doing wrong? do any of you know? i have a link to my site in my siggy.. if u look to the left side u will see the html file it says to put there... Im soo confused.. can anyone help me get the web tools set up??

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I see that you have googled6167413034a6d16.html written WITHIN your web page. You need to create a new file with that name and upload it to your web server separately.

ok but with it being a forum how would i do that?

Well you can yourself find your search engine ranking on google.... keep a check of these things:

- Traffic on your web
- Backlinks to your web
- Marketing and advertising plan
- Retain customers
- Submissions to Directories
- Submission to social bookmark websites

You will see gradual increase in your search engine ranking

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