I am trying to make a shopping cart using paypal payment gateway.

Here is a scenario:

A customer visits my site, adds an item to the cart, clicks on the "checkout" button, he is then redirected to the paypal payment page, now would could I track if he has payed for the item?


Hi cancer10,

I couldn't quite understand your question, are you trying to say that how will you know if the customer paid? or do you want to know how to set the paypal gateway up?

well, i am sorry for not being specific about my question.

actually i want to send a download link automatically to my customer as soon as he buys my product.

So my question would be, is there a way to tell my script that that customer has just finished with his payment and that my script would now send him the download link to his email.

I do know that paypal has a feature that allows you to do that, however I can't help you with that. you would have to sign into your paypal account and there are a list of development tools there that can help you out with what you are trying to accomplish. The paypal support are also great in this respect and will be more than happy to assist you. I am sorry I can't be much more of a help to you as I have really never had much to do with paypal.

I wish you will and best of luck:)

I can set this up for you. Message me and we can discuss it together.

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