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Online Marketing Covers many thing, Like SEO, SEM, Affiliate, Email marketing, PPC(Pay Per Click), banner Ads and many more..

In todays age The search engine are dominating on internet. Google,Yahoo and MSN send most of traffic on the web. And it gives free traffic called organic. SEO is big subject itself.

so if you want to do Internet Marketing learn this thing or at list one thing among them can also give good benefit to you


Figuring out a marketing plan, executing the plan and constructing your resources the right.

basis of web business includes:
- You should plan an interesting field
- Own your own domain
- Register the domain
- Make website and host it
- Add content and sell advertising or products on the content
- Do SEO work and earn money through google adsense or other advertising systems
- Get visitors
or from an affilate .


or you can joni forums and tell others about it..
or use bulletins :)


because no body have a time to go out and 21st century is fully based on technology and if u market online more people will go through your product. it will be cost as well as time saving processes for both seller as well as buyer. so as a good marketer sell through online.

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