I've been having a serious dilemma trying to figure out how to spend my advertising budget. Like most people I haven't got a large budget so I am trying to figure out where to spend it to get the biggest impact. I found this company that will submit my website to 8,000 directories for $250, I tried it with 1,450 Directories on another website, but I am not getting a lot of traffic. Should I just spend the $299 to get this new website into the Yahoo Directory. What's your experience?

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I didn't find much benefit from having my site listed with the yahoo directory.

but in all honesty, you won't get much benefit from submitting to 8,000 worthless directories either.

your best bet is to do manual link building, by contacting webmasters with either authoritative or semi-authoritative sites, asking them to add you.

Direcotry submissions are iffy.
Best to do some more research before making an important purchase.
Good luck!

Both are useless but if you think still you want to pay some amount and ready to buy then go for yahoo.Better to use dmoz carefully to submit your site.

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