Hi, how would I increase web traffic effectively? I don't really want to pay for web traffic because my I'm doing my website just for fun.

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Adding quality to your website would help you to create good partnerships and will attra more users. think of your web site as a brand, not just a as a number of web pages that you want someone to visit.


Yes by having a apealing and quality content website with fresh content will be able to help you gain some priceless quality traffic such as word of mouth, return visits.

Other ways may include SEO (search engine optimization). I undestand you are a novice web developer/webmaster. A good tool for simple seo is webceo it is a free download this will help with directory, search engine submission and optimizing your pages for major search engine bots/spiders so you will gain you rankings in search engines for your related keywords.

Link exchange is another way of getting some traffic. Just keep asking people to exchange links with your website. But mak sure that it is a relevant website you want to exchange links with since it will also help you with SEO.

You can try banner exchange but i wouldnt bother you might get about 50 - 100 unique visitors a month from banner exchanges if you are lucky. But if you are find a big banner exchange network.

Create articles and post them on article/ezine websites they can be a good source of traffic if you write quality articles that is also relevant to your website.

Press releases can be another source.

Thats all i can think of from the top of my head.

Good Luck With Your Site,


I will advice to submit your site to as many directories as you can.

It helps with the rankings, even if you don't have any SEO knowledge.

The recommended route would be targeting the visitors and relevant community of your niche, BTW what is about your site?

yup, agreed. I submitted my sites to as many directory as possible inclusive smaller directory sites too. Some of these smaller directory sites have XML/RSS to channel your links n boost your link popularity. It will helps to boost your traffic in a way.

writing articles and publishing them do help a lots if you are looking for free advertising options. Of course, if your would like targetted visitors, then i guess u got to zoom into your niche and produce relevant write-up instead of simply produce general topic articles.

just 2cents
james....still learning

Writing articles and publishing them just help for mild exposure, If you want to engage your visitors in your site you should enhance your content and provide them a tailor made information, this will increase the ratio of return vistiors on your site. :rolleyes:

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