I do a podcast over on my website where every Monday I do a segment called "This week in Tech History". I run down historical events for the week. I've been pondering doing this show on a daily basis rather than a weekly. It would be produced Monday through Thursday and Friday would cover Fri, Sat and Sunday.

My question for all you geeks out there is: Would you listen to a history podcast segment more if it was a daily episode, or would you rather have it as a one - 30 minute podcast?

Thanks in advance.

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I do go with daily podcast than weekly one

It depends on how entertaining it was. That's like asking, "Would you listen to my radio show daily or weekly?" Well ... it depends how interesting you were to listen to!

So just how entertaining ARE you? Track how many listeners you have and whether your audience is growing consistently. If people keep coming back for more, there's no reason not to do daily.

Something else you might wish to consider is doing a short version daily, and then once a week, do a roundup of the highlights of everything covered over the previous week.

The other thing to consider ... Does enough stuff happen every day in tech history to give you enough content to talk about every day?

To answer your question, I personally prefer a daily podcast with smaller tibbits of 2-5 minutes. I personally have produced a talk show on technology and culture and the research that goes behind each show can be time consuming. So my question for you is, "Do you currently have resources to create content for a daily show?"

I am going to fly in the face of prevailing opinion on this thread and say weekly for the simple reason that you are presenting historical content. If you were coming up with fresh content that had little or no visibility at the time that you are putting up the podcast then a daily would be better and would get a better audience. You don't tune into the nightly news for reporting on past events unless there was new information about the event, just like you don't go to the History Channel for breaking news.

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