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Other than advertising revenue you earn from your website, do you use other ways to earn money online?
If yes, how long have you been doing so, through what means and how much have you earned to date?
If not, why not?

Member subscriptions by offering an advertisement-free version of the website. It doesn't bring in much money, but it makes the members feel good about themselves by giving them special benefits (sponsor badge, etc) which, in turn, encourages them to spend more time on the site.

There is no ways to make fast money online. Making quick money is every one's dream but this dream can't be full filled without hard work. Google adsense is my favorite, and which has worked well for me till now.

It matters what niche market you are in.

Advertising (both AdSense types and sponsorship types), premium memberships, and donation links work, but you also should consider selling products to your forum members.

For example, if you have a health network, you could create a store (using a program such as PopShops) with health products. If you have a travel network, just create a tab on your site for reservations.

Most of the big affiliate networks (Commission Junction, LinkShare, Share A Sale, etc...) allow you to put links or banners on your site and earn a commission form any sales that are made from those links.

What about the ad exchanges like Right Media, Traffiq, ADSDAQ? Are they any good? I have heard that they have a higher payout the G.

you must have at least 300 pages of good content and then think of adsense

Thanks for your response but I am looking for better money than adsense and have heard that it is possible.
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Yep.. if you have enough visitors you can even make money without adsense. You can sell Text links on your site, banner advertising or you can just buy a site market it well and sell them. Also, domain buying and selling is a good business to make money.

One of the best ways people are making more money than AdSense is by contacting companies directly and asking them to advertise on the site. This way (depending on traffic) you can charge $100 or $1,000 per month to run someone's ad on your site.

It is more difficult because you need to sel the ad space yourself, but people are making more money with this strategy compared to the very easy AdSense model.

Yes I do..
I tried affliate links and all that and got rid of them all. I still stick with adsense, but you cannot make serious money with it...Even though it is very very good.

Now I have also turned my content into an E-book and then have added special extras taht you can't get on the site, and then sell that...I can sell endless copies because it is a digital book.

Next I will be putting these e-books on clickbank so other affiliates can sell it for me...

I am also giving away a free version of these books to make thier mouth water...Well not really because they are all about computers.

However this takes time....not only did I have to re-write and add to my content

*** I had to design ebook covers ( learn photoshop)
***organise the layout of the book (Learn Word and PDF's)
***learn what is missing from other ebooks (research)

I really think this will be worth it in the end.

Worthy info has been shared in regard to online money which is of great use to the newbie’s like me. A few months back I’m into this online business and making a good amount of money.

If you are holding a website and giving any services through it then this is the best way of earning money online and side by it Google adsense is helpful.

Affiliate marketing is the one of best ways to earn money online. Better join high paid affiliate programs to earn more money.

I am working as seo. It is all about online earning. I am hard work and i want to earn on hand. I don't like short cut method. Some people want to become rich man in one night it is impossible for every one.

Google Adsense have put the Google owners into the top 10 richest people in America and it has made huge amounts of money for many website owners. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself since you are partners with Google. Also you can meet some great people at a Google Adsense meeting!
I like the ads on daniweb since some of them apply to me.

By providing online marketing services like Search engine optimization, link building, article marketing, social media optimization - I do earn money online. Other than that, there are affiliate programs which I do participate too. But those did not help for me. As well as I do invest on online forex trading too.

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