I am wondering if you guys are aware of the Internet Marketing niche called flipping websites for profits! It is somewhat exactly the creation or buying and selling websites to make huge amounts money. Normally you do not have to spend much cash to buy websites but you need to know what types of sites to buy.It is a very lucrative business when done properly.Let me your in-take on this

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You can check website like sedo ,etc.

cheers mate, just did that and found one. thanks for trminding me

Well i was not aware of this fact before reading your post so thanks for sharing your views on the topic

People flip websites, domain names, etc. Check out our Webmaster Marketplace in the Business Exchange category.

Eh... I thought someone 'flipped' a website. In non-geek fashion. :D

But I've heard of 'flipping' before, I just didn't know it was called that. You seem to need some guts, luck, and clairvoyance to earn from flipping sites. Not for the weak-hearted.

many people including designers and web pros start businesses like these. they buy a domain, add a site and some value, and then flip! i would stick to a niche type site and sell that way.

I think you should realy buy sites like script sites, sites that are automated and sells scripts. These types of sites can give a healthy profit with some effective advertising and after that the sale can be quite large as revenue increases. For buying those type of sites Sedo.com could be a good option.

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