After an extended search in the forum, I haven't find anything good about this topic, so I thought to start one.

Well everybody knows that a contest can bring lots of traffic and conversions to a web site, especially for forums.

The thing that I would like to discuss, is how do you promote the contest? I have just started a design contest, and I wonder how I can use it the best way to bring more traffic to my site.

I have searched Google for keywords like "submit contest" and found some sites to submit my site. I will add those later to the thread (when I get some traffic and know that it worths to submit)

Any feedback will be appreciated :)

wella good way it to add your contest information to other related forums. By posting the contest in your sig or if there is a advertising related topic then you can post it there.

Write a press release about your contest.

Hopefully you have a large enogh mamber base where they will let there friends know about your forum and the contest you are running.

The prize would determine if it would be sucessful or not since who would want something they dont want. so cash prizes are a good prize for everyone.

Best of luck with the contest.

Thanks for your comments :)