Can anyone give ideas for creating a website.

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mmm, what type of sit you want, write down your ideas or unless you are just good like myself and just have all your notes in your head at 1 time and. Every now and the n I use a notepade, since thats whats it for, to put my ideas on. or web site urls that helps me remember my ideas.

Then I think of a layout that Im going to use. The forums is the hard part of it all becasue then you have to figure out which forums your going with, then picvking out the theme/skins for it and then matching it.

Afterwords then you can worry abou the contents and whats it about. But you need to do a step at a time so that you wont mess something up becasue that is a common thing. LOL.

Ask yourself on what type of site you wantto create. Because to be honest, if you ask everybody, no one will anser or if they do, they say something youve already done or something wierd or whatever lol....... So, id just ask yourself first then, apply the graphics and details. Then, once youve figured all that out then ask others for opinions on what else can you add to your site. Any of this making any sense? Or maybe in saying it backrods. I dunno RLMAO. Too much caffeen.

Thanks mike

No problem. I hope that will help you to start out with.

Well the trick is to create a site on a subject you take good interest in and are willing to spend some time and money on it. There is no point making a site on a subject just because the idea is popular among people but you have no interest in it.

Share your expertise in your website. Write a blog and impart knowledge to your readers.

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