any one can give me a source to get a ecommerce and hosting packages in a economical prices,

i will be thnakful to you all


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Try siteground.com they have a Joomla solution which includes a shopping card too. And ofcourse they offer some cheap hosting.

Most e commerce sites you can get a free web and cart from freewebs.

You can try oscommerce for free.

Pay someone, you need to run your business, not maintain servers, and the cost is low enough to host these days, it's totally worth it. The software you would have to buy, would be more expensive than paying someone to host it for years and years. Sorry don't know about BelaHost

Not having your company web site and use of free email addresses (yahoo, hotmail, gmail) for your company's official conversations leave very bad impact of your company. Nowadays website becomes an essential part of every business/profession. Website makes strong impact on the image of your company. Needless to say, having a web site to promote your business or ideas is imperative nowadays.

Your web site is your shop window and it is open 24/7. Having a web site is not just a commodity for businesses nowadays, but a must. A company or a professional without a web site is like a salesman without his business card. Your targeted clients will reach you through your web site anytime, anywhere.

You can save money that you would spend on catalogs, brochures and mails. Creating an electronic version of your catalog with no limit on size, more pages in web site is not by more money. Forget about full-color printing, forget about catalogs, brochures and all other things.

All your company products will be online 24 hours a day, not only in distributor's area but all over the world.

So if you are convinced in having your website and email addresses UA Communication will provide you e-commerce website and emails in just USD 250 / Year.

This is 100% complete package with everything included. The complete package includes:

You can choose among Oscommerce, zencart or cubecart, all these carts can be easily installed by fantastico script installer under cPanel hosting.

Hi whatever you do, don't get one of those rent a site things that come "fully loaded" with products!! Make sure you get your own website.

oscommerce and zencart are good.

You can use some open sources to creat a website,just like zencart,oscommerce.

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