Hey everyone,

I finished my site several weeks ago and I also made an affiliate program to go along with it because I figured it would help if other people were basically doing the advertising for me. The problem is that nobody has signed up for the program yet. I tried advertising on craigslist and posting on some affiliate directories, but no luck. Any suggestions?

The site info is:
<snip urls>


Try to find the top referrer from your local contact.

You can try CJ.com. they have a banner program that affiliates can sign up and request to be your website affiliate and you can either approve or disapprove them. Get a banner tracker I find clixtrace.com very useful and absolutely free and the webmaster is very kool I have spoke to him at several occasions. Hope this helps.

CJ won't take new advertisers. They threshold 50K online sales minimum, I believe. But many other networks might consider you.

You also can distribute articles about your programs. I am surprised that directories don't bring you traffic. Some work ok. You might want to look into your program and might consider redesigning it. I don't' see it, so can't give you feedback on its improvement.

All the best to you :-) Congrads with the launch!