Please tell me what I am doing wrong. Lots of new members daily! Lots of members visiting daily! Posts per day is the same as it was when we had 10% the number of members. No growth at all.

Hi Dani,

I'm sure you know much more about the marketing end of this than I do, but a few randon thoughts do pop in to my brain:

1. I'd think thatat least a small portion of the disparity you're seeing is attributable to the fact we now have a much larger database of resolved issues and useful suggestions. In other words, there's less reason to post new questions, because our archive already contains so many solutions.

2. Do you have a way of looking at what members do/where they go right after they register or log in; something akin to the info you get when you click the "Currently Active Users" link? Being able to analyze what makes people peek there heads in here in the first place might give you some clues as to why (if) members are getting what they want from their visits, and how they do so without leaving any "fingerprints".

3. Just out of curiousity: who makes up the bulk of the population of active, posting members during any given block of months? That is- is our post rate during any given sampled time-block sustained primarilly by a group of long-term members who have consistenly posted at a fairly even rate (members like myself), or is there a "turn-over" pattern where the collective posting rate of "older" members decreases in a nearly inverse proportion to the increased posting activity of newer members?

At least you are getting growth; I, on the other hand, am lucky to get ten unique visitors per day on one of my sites.

Myself, I browse DaniWeb once per day but, unless I have a question to post, or see a question I can answer, I don't bother logging in.

I think maybe you young people have come to expect too much. I remember the days when I had to walk five miles each way, uphill, in a raging snowstorm to get to an Internet Cafe . . . :cheesy:


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