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I have just launched a Beta version of a social bookmarking website and wanted some pointers on how to promote it and get the word out. Up to now, I have used some adwords(which hasn't worked well yet) and I have used myspace and facebook quite extensively and have gotten decent results. Being that I am in a very early stage in the game, I would like other ideas on how to spread the word. For now, I am focusing on cost effective means but will then follow it up with some financial backing once I have the site to where I want it to be prior to a full launch. Thank you so much for your time and I hope that we can help each other reach our goals.


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i guess the adwords, not working because it looks empty and new, keep submitting your own urls to your site, people will notice it is more active and the word would hopefully spread...

Go and submit your website in other social bookmarking websites. And let people know about your websites, show your websites in forums.

I agree... You have to submit to as many directories and social bookmarking sites as possible.

There are many tools available for submission to online directories and social bookmarking sites... use them and see the results...

With adword, the keywords are getting costlier and costlier... so use simple yet powerfull alternatives...

Very good question and one that has been debated for quite some time. While I can't give away my secrets and I can give you this tip. Know your audience. Each site has a pretty unique audience and because of this different "link baiting" ideas will work better on certain sites than others

George, i cant see you signature, you can add your homepage url in your signature. If it was there, i may had given a peep into your website as well.... Yea i am talking about viral marketing, mention your website url in all your communications on forums, emails etc... it works only if done effectively

Establishing relationships on the other major social marketing sites and forums, and directory submissions are all very important. You should go beyond MySpace and Facebook.

Tools like socialmarker can help, which auto submits articles. Maybe that will help you too!

I like the free ad sites like craigslist, hoobly, kijiji, and so on.

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