According to a recent study by the Financial Times, 77% of C-Level execs participate in webinars on various topics. Would this cause you to have your company or advise your clients to begin producing more webinars and to start a YouTube or Vimeo profile if they do not have one already>

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It be interesting on what type of webinars and who is presenting. I have arranged webinars for my clients about a particular product and for these type of webinars, I had C-level executives. Otherwise, if it s a training webinar, I except more junior and associate level professionals.

To answer your question-The C-level executives I have dealt with who have published videos felt more comfortable from a professional standpoint releasing videos on Viddler or Vimeo. Why? Viddler and Vimeo allows for more SEO control.


My original question about the webinars was not about getting the C-levels to participate as much as it was would the fact that C-level execs search webinars for info spur you to recommend your company or client to produce more webinars. As to the Vimeo and Viddler vs YouTube, I was not aware of the SEO aspects so thanks for that. I would say it would be good to establish a presence on both YouTube and one of the others simultaneously with the same content. You could get the SEO benefits of Viddler/Vimeo but as YouTube had a higher visibility than the other tube you would get more viewership.


Though YouTube has a wider reach, Viddler and Vimeo business model allows for more proprietary flexibility than YouTube.

Understood but if you were to do a poll of most C-level industry execs I think that YouTube would pull the same percentages against Vimeo and Viddler as Google does when compared to Yahoo and MSN/Bing in terms of search engine used. Given time that could change but right now you need to work the channels that offer the best opportunities.

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