Hello all!

I have a site that deals with vehicle tax.
I wanted to open a blog for it, and I wanted to ask you if you think it will be useful to open a blog for this kind of website, will it be useful? will it drive me more traffic?

Link for a website that deals also with vehicle tax (for example):
2290 Heavy Vehicle Excise Tax


the answer is definitly YES
BLOG has become a very good way of doing SEO and promotion

I suggest you to run a blog and blog postings. I have 5 Tips for you

1: Lucrative Keyword Choices
2: Keyword Placement - In Title and In Keywords While Posting
3: Timely Posting - Time to time update the blog
4: Get Linked - Make a book mark your website in diffrent social networking websites
5: Frequent Updates - Spider run behind your blog

Blogs would be great idea but before that make sure your site is seo friendly..... i believe one should use blog after the onsite seo is complete as you see that will help you greatly Google Search Ranking, which will lead to increase in the traffic to your site....

we use our blog for two things
the first to provide content about our market and second to direct Search engines to new pages and additions such as when we add new content on the main site like a new location guide.

BLog is a good idea I think....these days people search for blogs to get information on things....but Maintaining the blog with proper content and other things is also important.

Blog is like a bridge which you will use to promote and improve your site promotion.

Yes, your blog may help establish you as a known expert in your field. As a result of being a relational/ conversational medium a blogger can build trust with their audience.

Blogs are an excellent source of getting free, targeted traffic to your website.besides that if the content that you are posting is cutting edge, interesting and other people like it, they will use it in their blogs, linking your website to theirs.