Seo Degree in College or University level? If you know any in the world please do share..

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Yes, i am also looking to have valid degree in SEO but unfortunately till now its unavailable. However there are various methods like

There are various forms of online marketing - SEO, SEM, E Mail Marketing, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing, includes blogs, social networking, social bookmarking etc. Its completely about your thoughts and ideas.There are no particular courses for it.

I also believe that learning SEO is an on-going process and even taking college courses on SEO wont be enough to cover all the new topics that arise.

I think that the best way to improve the SEO qualification
nowadays is to read temathical forums, attend seminars, webinars or some local courses, but I've never heard about a possibility of getting University level in SEO

Most of the SEO related courses are either taught as part of the university or college's continuing education division or as part of a graduate course in internet marketing. I recommend checking your local business college's CE division for possible SEO related courses.

Right, and it is more a part under many related branches. Not a completely separate science that u can get a degree. But, i can see the trends in the futhure.

Maybe I can get one in the futhure!@

i had the idea that. if it is become a permanent part of MBA degree. its can create good opportunities for those mba's who dont get any good career but a accountant or clerk job.

Not heard about it yet, it sounds like it is more related to some traning programs or so!

But I think it is a great idea as concerned to the great potential in SEO in the futhure!

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