Is there such a thing as "online clout"? What do you think of those "twelebrities" or super facebook fans with thousands of friends or who can forget Tila Tequila whose claim to fame was having excessive numbers of friends.
I read a post on Seth Godin's blog about online clout which made me think - http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2009/09/clout.html
The question I do have is: Even if you have a high "clout level", can you personally pick up the phone and call these so called friends and contacts?

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I don't know if they still use it but their used to be this thing called a 'Q' rating and it was based on a formula using media presence, box-office/ratings draw and a few other ratings and it determined a celebrities viability as a spokesperson. What it all came down to was if you are a big name you are a sought after spokesperson. I think the same applies to the super facebook fans and 'twelebrities'.

I have to go shoot myself for using that word now.

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