One of my clients have a number of partners who they would like to feature more prominently than the usual reciprocal link page on the corporate website. Has anyone used Facebook or another social network to create some sort of online trade show where your community can look at numerous products from your corporate partners? And if so, would you be willing to share some tips in how to best do this?

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I actually something like what you mentioned but on an old Yahoo career group I created. The Yahoo Group did not allow for banner exchange (at least back between 2002-2006) but I did:
1. Let the associated partners to upload a brochure/file about their services
2. I wrote an email to the members introducing the vendor and how their services helped me with my career development
3. Asked the vendors to provide a discount for the members.


Thanks for the details on how you did it. The way you approached it sounds interesting but I was thinking more in terms of a mini-virtual trade show. Microsoft currently has a multimedia utility for their recent Convergence show in New Orleans and there is a virtual trade show in it. Basically, the companies have their own separate 'booth' where they make available data sheets, offer a streaming video demo and offer access to free demo software. They are also able to brand the booth as necessary. I would image what I am talking about is a bit design-heavy but I was wondering if anyone new of a software app that allows you to build something like that.


I actually saw a virtual exhibit booth on a nephrology site - http://www.vbooths.com/

I truly do not know the metrics of success for these vendors and I wonder how often doctors who are on the site would actually click to it.

The purpose of the one I want to set up is to do something a little more compelling than the standard partner page where you see a logo, a link and some standard boilerplate about the company and product.

The metrics we would be looking for would be click throughs and closed sales.

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