The last election and the use of social media by the Obama campaign has not set a precedent that a lot of politicians will try to emulate. But are there some social media options that are better than others in terms of politics? What ones would you suggest to a campaign? The basics are going to be FB, Twitter and YouTube but what else?

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It also depends on which niches these politicians may want to target and go after these online communities that cater to these niches. It may not go be pure social media marketing but it can consist of a combination of a paid campaign and stirring up some sponsored rich media widget - in the form of a poll. Such social media tactics can generate some social media buzz and help increase votes.

I think that most politicians should use both a standard campaign website and a community presence, probably facebook and twitter, to make sure that they get their message out to the widest audience. Of course there will be supporter pages but I think that today's politicians who ignore social media do so at their own peril.

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