Firstly, if this is in the wrong place i apologise, please feel free to move it to a more appropriate area.

I'm looking for information on a good web hosting company to move my site to, the company i'm currently with doesn't offer much in terms of support whenever i have a question, and they don't allow you to use Wordpress which is something i'd like to be able to have.

I've also heard you can have multiple domains on the same hosting, does that mean a completely unique URL? is this possible? it would be great for me when i want to build a little site as an experiment or whatever and give it it's own address.

I've tried doing a little research on this, but figuring out what is fact and what is nothing more than advertisement is difficult. Dreamhost sounded great at first, but i've read a lot of reviews that say their service is terrible.

Cheers for any help. :icon_cheesygrin:

punkrockbboy, it depends on how much space and bandwidth your multiple sites will consume if you host them on single shared hosting account, If you're looking enough space and good amount of bandwidth to host multiple domains, I would suggest you should look for reseller hosting.
Also Wordpress support should not be a problem if you choose a professional hosting company.

Our company will help you with data transfer and Wordpress blogs.
You can host all your website under one account (if you need specific package, please contact me via PM or <email snipped> and we discuss it)
Thank you.
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