Smartphones have increased the ways people are connected. Thus, it is very easy to integrate Facebook, TweetDeck, and other applications to your phones. I have FB on my blackberry but I dont follow tweets. I used to but not anymore since I was getting tweets all day on my cell so I stopped. What about you? How connected are you to your online communities on your cell?

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have both facebook and twitter apps on my blackberry. I use Twitterberry for twitter and love getting updates from all the news, sports and industry pundits in my roll. BTW - Twitterberry tweets only load when i open the app - so its non-intrusive.


Oh I did not know about Twitterberry. Thanks! Is there any other apps you recommend for the Blackberry aka Crackberry? I remember sending SMS to Twitter to follow people who spoke at the different conferences and then my cell will run out of juice quickly with all the non-stop beeps I would get.

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