I am recently developed a web portal for a community . The community is a state in india. Now the site is at the beginning stage. The income of the site is mainly through advertisement. I put spaces for advertisement in each page. A few local advertisements are there in my site.

Please let me know is there is any advertisement agencies for giving advertisement in our site. I know the rate is according to the popularity of the site. Even though how they calculate the rate of the advertisement.

I saw the advertisements of intel,microsoft,.... in various blogs and web sites. Please let me know whether they got the advertisement directly from intel,microsoft,... or from any agencies ?

Thanks in advance

They have possibly got them via google adsense .

Try to get ads on some local level. The distributors are interested in the advertisement and they will reimburse the ad expernese from the companies.

Unless you start getting huge traffic the advertisers won't show interest in buying ad space at your website.

one method you could do is use adbrite.com there software is designed for low traffic sites/they give advertisers that may want to advertise on your site a opt in link. Adbrite they have a better conversion rate per impressions also then google does. LOL! I wish I could chime in my referral link to adbrite, but it would then make this an advertisement.

As your site rank will increase, you will automatically receive requests from advertisers.