Netbooks are becoming more popular these days. Its portable and easy to use. Though an iPhone allows users to be connected online, I know a friend who bought a Netbook to better type up blog postings and updates. So would you buy a Netbook to increase your online connectivity?

I am actually thinking of going to the local electronics store today and buy it. Why? Well, I dont want to walk around with my lovely MacBook Pro. I would rather walk around with a tiny netbook.

Guess what? I bought the netbook. Asus Eeeeasy netbook. I have a Sprint Mobile Card as well. So what is my experience? Well:
1. It is not as fast as my beloved MacBook Pro - but then again I am a hardcore Mac person. I think they are the best
2. I am typing this email from a Metro North train and I feel I am back in the time warp - the time when I used a 300 bps modem, sans the sound effect
3. I will use FireFox instead of IE which is driving me insane already.

Update: I should have bought the Asus with the old XP and not with Windows 7 since Windows 7 is still buggy, very buggy...

I would buy a netbook or a phone that I could use RPD, Nmap, Autoscan network, OpenVas and such. Would be real handy when traveling and providing support.

Can you please explain what all of those names are? I am not familiar with any of them. Thanks

Can you please explain what all of those names are? I am not familiar with any of them. Thanks

They are tools used to discover network resources, troubleshooting, vulnerability management. What I want is a small device that I can use to help in network administration and support.

I am getting my daughter a netbook for xmas to use in school. She is in 6th grade and it seems like a good starter laptop-lite for her to use when she is doing research at the library for homework. That is connects to the internet means that I get to use my own laptop more often and that is a good thing.

I would not be surprised if the netbook manufacturers don't start marketing them as good starter laptops for younger students.

I have two Mac Book Pros at home and I bought a netbook because I thought it be good to have a PC. It has crashed so many times it is a reminder on why I went Mac in the first place.

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