As we all know, many vendors are jumping into creating a Facebook app or page for their business. Thus, one needs to measure success from a quantitative perspective. So I was curious when I read of Kontagent - a social anlaytics tool. I personally never heard of them before. Have you? I would post the link up but I dont want my post to be deleted. So let me know what you think of it?

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This is good for those who are always trying to figure out exactly how their efforts are paying off.

I wonder if there are other tools out there similar to Kontagent that can measure Facebook or other social media initiatives rather than just measuring buzz.

Accurate analytics in any capacity can be instrumental in determining how users are engaging in your product or service. It is important to specify though, that these guys gather and report data on facebook games and applications only. They do not provide metrics from fan, profile, or group pages. Still, if I were developing an app, I could see myself using a third party to track down this sort of stuff.

Thanks Jay for elucidating this important fact about these tools. Perhaps in the future these tools can increase the reach of measurement.

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