There is all this fuss about Cyber Monday. The holiday itself was officially coined and in circulation by 2005 after the Retail Society reviewed previous year data. I know I shopped since I found a good deal on overstock but most of the other sites I visited, I did not see much deal. I thought it was only hype. So what do you think? Did you take advantage of these sales?

I am a traditionalist. While I am not one of the masochists who get on line on Thanksgiving night for Black Friday, Christmas is not Christmas without the hustle and bustle of shopping the brick and mortars.

I totally agree. I did that a few years ago - shopping on Black Friday and I truly did not see any savings nor sales. I do actually see it the day before thanksgiving like at Loehmann's this year.

Given my work schedule, I try to do as much online shopping as possible and Free shipping is a big selling point for me. Why drive to the store when you can buy the item and have it directly sent? That is, assuming you know exactly what you want (size, color, and other specs).
I agree with Insights in that this past Cyber Monday seemed to be mostly hype. I read and heard a lot about Cyber Monday but I didn't happen to see many deals. Though I did randomly find an offer from They were promoting a discount code (CYBERMON) right on their homepage. It was good for $20 and free shipping for orders over $100. I was originally going there just to look for new winter boots - but the savings and free shipping prompted me to open my wallet and place an order. Sometimes, timing is everything. :)

The question that many people in the media ask, especially on the business shows, is will cyber monday every completely overtake black friday. Personally, I think there will always be a section of the population who worry about identity theft, fraud and returning items on line or getting them on time. Because of where I live and the access to outlet stores as well as extended hours of shopping, I will continue to be a primarily traditional shopper. Besides, I like the hustle and bustle of shopping at stores as well as the decorations and the way kids look when they see Santa and the decorations.