Hi Everyone! I need a PDF Creator, but I was looking at the price of Adobe Acrobat and yikes! I decided to try some freeware and if it works for me, then to move on. . .Is PDFFactory any good?
Can anyone suggest to me an EASY software that I can use with Word for Windows? I operate on Windows ME so, don't send me to a Rolls when I'm on a dune buggy, please! (I'm a basic kind of computer user that doesn't know any programming.) Can I find one that will allow me to import a picture or two or a drawing or two?
And if you are able to spare the time, include a download link so that I can know I can go there for sure. I'm trying to be cautious after all the adware that invaded me months ago.
Thanks!!!! ;)

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That first one is free and should do the job. Use your normal software to compose the document, and then print the document using the pdf creator instead of your printer.

Or you could use the free OpenOffice suite instead of MS Office and get a pdf feature included in its normal feature set.

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