Hi everyone,

I have started new forum site. please guide me how to promote this site.


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Increase the topic of your forum, create backlinks and join other forums to make it more familiar in search engine.

hi social bookmarking, blog comment (most useful)

Submitting to all major social bookmarking sites and even micro blogging services. Including the link in forum signature, submitting to directories.. will surely help you..
But befire that try to add some content to your content so that people visit your forum.

Send out press releases to both local media and online pr sites. Some of the good ones cost some money, but good value.

Advertise on some community forums, it is also a good way

Just promote your site to other forums with lots of members then create some interesting topics with your site.

Join in several web2.0 sites,and recommend your site at here.

Social bookmarking, get high rankings in your niche, lots of backlinks, get on some good directories. It will take time to get some traffic and you want to increase your pr.

The usual marketting methods that are advisable are, register a few usernames your self on different forums and post good relevant content or hire posters to post at your forum


try to promote via valid forum posting..
try to do social bookmarking.., increase the content of the forum ..

Invite to join your forum and also blog posting and promotion

Start a contest on your forum for getting instant increase in traffic.

If you want to promote your forum then try to get some banners up on some relevant forums that will give visibility to your forum. Also, putting signature links in other forums, creating a community on social networking sites and letting the members know about your sites could help you to get visitors.

Do some strategies

I agree you need to create an offline and online marketing strategy to create awareness and buzz about your site.

Post link to your site on Keywen.com. It’s free and no subscription required. It will defiantly give you more traffic

I never heard of this site. Please refrain from self promotion. Thanks

A good way to promote your site is deligence and time. Go to the search engines and submit your site for indexing. Post in social media, especially Twitter and G+. If you have a blog, set it to auto-post to Twitter, Facebook and or G+. Try and get articles written on other blogs, and link back to yours. Stay dedicated. That is my advice in a nutshell :)

Start it through linkbuilding. :)

thanks for sharing this type information on internet.

share your site on social sites.

It is good way to promote your site.

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