Hello i just started a new online community forums barely released last week. I was hoping to get some friendly members from this community to register at my forums (Its fast and free.) and help it get a little more active. So far our progress is 24 registered users with 491 posts. Since i am unallowed to posts the links here for the forums, i may leave you my contact information so you can contact me if you are willing to help out a new growing forums.

The forums are all about Computers, Hosting, Operating Systems, Servers and Types, Best places for hosting, Web Design, Photoshop Tutorials and Help, Flash MX, Programming and General Discussion as well as we do have an advertisement section. I hope that some of you would please be nice enough to help us grow. Thank you!


Aim: Pmikilla
MSN: Pmikilla@netscape.net
YIM: HeavensDeathClan (Old Yahoo Screen Name)

I would suggest signing up for the forum blitz method at The Admin Zone website. They can be helpful to people starting forums with respect to getting the conversation going.