what would be the best marketing strategy that can promote credit card offers? do we have to stick offline promotion or online?

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you can try pay per action marketing combine with paid to review marketing to high rank and high traffic website. you can go to smorty or reviewme to find your relevant niche.

You may also consider placing banner ads on properties that visitors may go for tax or finance information. You may also consider creatinga youtube video about credit cards and posting it.

What do you mean? Are you an affiliate of a credit card company or what? If you're an online affiliate on the internet.

May be offering low rates to attract and retain customers

You need to start thinking of a customer centric rather than a company centric promotion and strategy campaign - this way, you are optimizing the campaign on tactics that the consumers care to know more about the credit card options.

Thanks Sexy Wear - but how does this answer the question?

depnds on what category of clients you want to target on!

For credit card offer I suggest you use banner ads and even some email marketing.

Since your site is for teens, why not try to promote it on the sites where there's a lot of college & high school students. But also, keyword ranking is also important.

I think you can try some online promotion...but you need some offline as well. Usually students and young people accept this offers on the net..but there are other people there too

you can create more back links from finance and credit related forums. it will provide you more traffic.

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