Hey guys Im new to this forum,

I love learning new things about search engine optimization and I know alot about it. I am a young entrepreneur on the internet and hope to open my own business someday.


I have found this site that helps alot with seo, it gains backlinks for your website and is very cheap. I definetly suggest it for all the new webmasters out there and also the older ones who are still wanting to learn or have clients!

Definetly worth your time!


Sean Carolan

PS: Nice forum here, I cant wait to be an active member!

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Backlinks are good as long as these backlinks are from sites with good PageRank, have relevant content related to the link and the site, and it is park in a "good neighborhood".

Seo one of the competing websites to all over the world. When customers search your website, it becomes a top listing on Google, Yahoo and MSN in your city. They get trust and lining up to spend money on your company

I think you are trying to promote your service here, It is not a right place and No one ll support it too.

Heyy ! I think you want to promote it and may i tell you one thing this is the best forum to do this.

Yes, SEO is the best business to earn more, Actually, to get success with SEO, a physical office setup is not required, you can handle everything via internet. I am doing on this way and getting success now.

SEO have many advantage in a business because with the help of SEO you can promote your business through online beside you can also get more customers.

daniweb is good place to sharing knowledge about SEO and internet marketing but it's not right place to marketing for your services

Heyy ! Back links are the most appropriate and fastest mode to create traffic to your site. So this is really interesting. I would also try it. Thank you for the information.

I know that you posted this back in January, and it seems to me like you have not posted again since I only see one post on your profile. Anyhow, I suggest to you and other newbies to take Forums SERIOUSLY. You can't just come and post your link on the first thread you open, it is rather unethical. I noticed that your post was edited by a mod and the links were snipped. My advice is that if you want to be taken seriously at DaniWeb or in IM as a whole, then you take it seriously and do things right. You will be respected and people will trust you, which are both incredible assets to have when doing business online.

I was wondering if there are people that run business, which markets SEO services (both solely or in a set of web development services). What would you suggest to take into account before starting of such sort of business?

While having an experience in web promotion, I'm stucked with such questions as:

1. What one should promice to his clients, and what shouldn't?
2. Do you have some fixed tarrifs or you vary price for each client separately?
3. What type of reports do you make?
4. How do you estimate the effect of your services to show it to your client?
5. etc.

Since the decision is crucial, it would be proper to make a research before start.

So any help from you would be appreciated.

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